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One Little Girl is Dead, Now What?

Okay. Let me get this straight:

You’re mad at Pres. Barack Obama because he didn’t speak out enough about one girl dying in Chicago? Please tell me where your outrage was for the 260+ children who died in Chicago over the past three years!

The streets of Chicago are filled with innocent blood, but all of this seems to fall at the president’s lap for most people. While the TV tends to focus on incidents that happen in suburbs like the tragic shooting that took place in Newtown, the mass media tends to ignore the tragic loss of life that happens in “urban” environments on an almost daily basis. I Bet somehow you think that’s the President’s fault too, huh?

Too often in my travels, I hear people saying “I want the President to do more for Black people.” Okay. What exactly would you like him to do? Many people can’t give me a straight answer, and that is the biggest problem I see with Black people in America!

You see, it’s hard to make demands on people when you don’t know exactly what you want from them. When you do this, you come off as a whining complaining brat. Barack Obama is not the Black President. He is the President of the United States of America. Could he do more on certain things? Absolutely. Can he fix every single problem that has been created in this country over the past 200+ years? Absolutely not.

Of course, Medicaid, expansion of Pell grants, tax cuts, and creating more private sector jobs in four years than George W. Bush did in eight don’t affect Black people at all, right?

Until such time as Black people can actually come together and agree on their wants, as well as their needs, many of us will be shut out of the political process. It’s not like we don’t have the right to be heard, it’s just that the way we go about trying to be heard is organized as a wet dream without the payoff.

Have you ever gone to a McDonald’s restaurant and stood behind someone who didn’t know what it is they wanted to order? The menu hasn’t really changed much in the past 50 years, but there they stand at the counter, trying to decide between the McNuggets and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal. This is the type of indecision that many Black people exercise expecting to get results from the President without setting forth an agenda.

How is it the President Has to take the lion share of the blame, when we allow Congressmen, Governors, City Councilmen, Aldermen, to go unchecked? How does that make sense?

The next thing I hear that really pisses me off is that “Gay people get everything that they want from Pres. Obama.” Here’s a few fun facts:

1. Gay people are organized
2. Gay people have an agenda (they know what they WANT)
3. Gay people contributed countless millions to Pres. Obama’s campaign
4. Gay people realize that there is power and action in having a political power base.

Clearly Gay people are not a race, as they come in all shapes and colors and sizes, but they do understand the political process and the importance of lobbying in order to get results. Black people should learn that lesson.

Cornel West and Tavis Smiley are not qualified, nor have they been authorized to speak on behalf of Black people. Their motives are based on a hateful agenda against our president. If I was Pres. Obama, I wouldn’t want them visiting me in the White House either.

The idea of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West going on a poverty tour is still the funniest, most arrogant thing I’ve ever seen. Last I checked, poverty was an issue during the Bush administration, the Clinton administration, the first Bush administration, the Reagan Administration, and the Carter administration, but I don’t remember Dr. West or Mr. Smiley going on a tour bus like two rock stars to remind poor people how poor they are.

I’m also curious to know if after Dr. West and Mr. Smiley visited each tour stop, if suddenly poor people became less poor. I’m willing to venture that they didn’t. While the tour was sponsored by Public Radio International and AARP, I’m willing to bet that Tavis Smiley increased his $10 million net worth and Dr. West increased his by all the books they sold on this “tour”.

Did Tavis give any of his Wal-Mart check to help out the poor? Did Dr. West give any of his proceeds from the Matrix sequels, or his (ahem) “hip-hop CD to benefit the poor people these MULTIMILLIONAIRES care so much about?

How come Black people don’t ask intelligent questions when it comes to what’s happening to us in these yet to be United States? Here are some examples:

Who gave us the recipe for crack cocaine?

Why are there so many liquor stores per capita in the Black community, then there are in more affluent or White communities?

How are so many assault rifles finding their way into communities that can afford them?

Who is responsible for signing these rappers who talk about things they’ve never experienced (i.e. Rick Ross)?

How is it that we went from talking about Lexus and Bacardi on records to Maybach and Louis XIII in a period of 10 years when the economy was better then, and worse now?

Why is it that Black women are said to be number one recipients of affirmative action and welfare, when the truth is White women are?

Why is it we want Pres. Obama to fix the gun violence in our neighborhoods, yet we won’t even go to the police when we witnessed a horrible crime?

Hadiya Pendleton’s death is a tragedy that should not go unchecked but it is not a lone incident. It shouldn’t matter whether the victim was a gang banger, or performer at the President’s inauguration. All life should be valued and protected, even if some of those people don’t value their own.

If we want more to be done about violence, poverty, and injustice in this country we need to start with the one person can actually make a dramatic change. That person is not Barack Obama. It is the person who stares back at us when we face the mirror. Take a good look at yourself, then take action.



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